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Aos fãs de Hard/AOR como nós, significa conhecimento de tais materiais com o objetivo de ajudar alguém que procura aquela música de tal banda que tanto gostou, sempre no intuito de aperfeiçoar um diferencial maravilhoso em sua mente que é o Hard Rock, Sleaze/Glam, Westcoast/AOR, Pop 80's, Melodic Rock, Hi-Tech, Ítalo-Disco, Soundtrack, etc.
Se você gostou de algum álbum de qualquer banda baixe, mas depois compre, é ótimo ter o álbum original de uma banda que tanto lhe agradou em suas mãos. É com esse pensamento que nós apresentamos este blog.


08 junho 2016

'The Breakfast Club' Soundtrack Movie 1985


01. Don't You Forget About Me [Simple Minds]
02. Waiting [Elizabeth Daily]
03. Fire in the Twilight [Wang Chung]
04. I'm the Dude [instrumental] [Keith Forsey]
05. Heart Too Hot To Hold [Jesse Johnson]
06. Dream Montage [instrumental] [Gary Chang]
07. We Are Not Alone [Karla DeVito]
08. The Reggae [instrumental] [Keith Forsey]
09. Didn't I Tell You [Joyce Kennedy]
10. Love Theme [instrumental] [Keith Forsey]


'St. Elmo's Fire' Soundtrack Movie 1985


01. St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion) [John Parr]
02. Snake Down [Billy Squier]
03. Young and Innocent [Elefante]
04. This Time It Was Really Right [Jon Anderson]
05. Saved my Life [Fee Waybill]
06. Love Theme from St. Elmo's Fire [instrumental] [David Foster]
07. If I Turn You Away [Vicki Moss]
08. Stressed Out Close to the Edge [Airplay]
09. Georgetown [David Foster]
10. Love Theme from St. Elmo's Fire for Just a Moment [David Foster]


'The Wraith' Soundtrack Movie 1986


01. Where's the Fire [Tim Feehan]
02. Secret Loser [Ozzy Osbourne]
03. Hearts vs. Heads [Stan Bush]
04. Wake Up Call [Ian Hunter]
05. Smokin' in the Boys Room [Motley Crue]
06. Addicted To Love [Robert Palmer]
07. Scream of Angels [Nick Gilder]
08. Power Love [Lion]
09. Those Were the Days [Honeymoon Suite]
10. Never Surrender [Lion]
11. Matter of the Heart [Bonnie Tyler]
12. Hold on Blue Eyes [LaMarca]
13. Rebel Yell [Billy Idol]
14. Young Love Hot Love [Jill Michaels]

'Streets Of Fire' Soundtrack Movie 1984


01. Nowhere Fast [Fire Inc]
02. Sorcerer [Marilyn Martin]
03. Deeper and Deeper [The Fixx]
04. Countdown To Love [Greg Phillinganes]
05. One Bad Stud [The Blasters]
06. Tonight is What It Means to be Young [Fire Inc]
07. Never Be You [Maria McKee]
08. I Can Dream About You [Dan Hartman]
09. Hold That Snake [Ry Cooder]
10. Blue Shadows [The Blasters]


'Savage Streets' Soundtrack Movie 1984


01. Justice For One [John Farnham]
02. Innocent Hearts [John Farnham]
03. The Quiet Ones You Gotta [John Farnham]
04. Cry [3 Spped]
05. Nothing's Gonna Stand in Our Way [instrumental reprise] [John Farnham]
06. Nothing's Gonna Stand in Our Way [John Farnham]
07. Exploding Bullets [Real Life]
08. In the Night [Michael Bradley]
09. Killer [Michael Bradley]
10. Justice For One [instrumental reprise] [John Farnham]


'Beverly Hills Cop II' Soundtrack Movie 1987


01. Shakedown [Bob Seger]
02. Be There [Pointer Sisters]
03. In Deep [Charlie Sexton]
04. Hold On [Corey Hart]
05. I Want Your Sex (part I) [George Michael]
06. Better Way [James Ingram]
07. Love Hate [Pebbles]
08. Cross my Broken Heart [Jets]
09. 36 Lovers [Ready For The World]
10. I Can't Stand It [Sue Ann Carwell]
11. All Revved Up [Jermaine Jackson]


'Lovelines' Soundtrack Movie 1984


01. Lovelines [Souvenir]
02. Defyin' Gravity [Racer]
03. Totally Gone [The Firecats]
04. Reflex [Brittany]
05. Hearts On Fire [Ben Sharel]
06. A Time Like This Again [Joe Esposito]
07. Ba Ba Baby [The Flying Phlegm]
08. Number One [Souvenir]
09. Boilin' Over [Ben Sharel]
10. For You [Racer]
11. Hold Me Tonight [Souvenir]
12. Hearts On Fire [Tyson Moses]


'Quicksilver' Soundtrack Movie 1985


01. Quicksilver Lightning [Roger Daltrey]
02. Casual Thing [Fiona]
03. Nothing At All [Peter Frampton]
04. Shortcut To Somewhere [Fish & Tony Banks]
05. Love Song from Quicksilver (Through the Night) [Marilyn Martin feat. John Parr]
06. One Sunny Day/Dueling Bikes from Quicksilver [Ray Parker Jr. and Helen Terry]
07. The Motown Song [Larry John McNally]
08. Suite Streets from Quicksilver [instrumental] [Thomas Newman]
09. Quicksilver Suite I Rebirth The Gypsy [Tony Banks]
10. Quicksilver Suite II Crash Landing [Tony Banks]


'Radioactive Dreams' Soundtrack Movie 1985


01. Nightmare [Jill Jaxx]
02. Radioactive Dreams [Sue Saad and The Next]
03. Shell Burn You [Maureen Steele]
04. Tickin' of the Clock [Monte Carlos]
05. Eat You Alive [Lisa Lee]
06. Guilty Pleasures [Sue Saad and The Next]
07. Turn Away [Mary Ellen Quinn]
08. She's a Fire [Sue Saad and The Next]
09. When Lightning Strikes [Sue Saad and The Next]
10. Zim Bim Zowie [Darryl Phinessee]


'Hard To Hold' Soundtrack Movie 1984 (Rick Springfield)


01. Love Somebody
02. Don't Walk Away
03. Bob Til You Drop
04. Taxi Dancing
05. S.F.O. [instrumental]
06. Stand Up
07. When The Lights Go Down [feat. Graham Parker]
08. The Great Lost Art of Conversation
09. Heart of a Woman [feat. Nona Hendryx]
10. I Go Swimming [feat. Peter Gabriel]


'Meatballs 4' Soundtrack Movie 1992


01. Always [Only Child]
02. Burning Heart [Rhett Forrester]
03. I Need the Nights [Drive]
04. I Remember the Night [Only Child]
05. Love to the Limit [Only Child]


'Say Anything' Soundtrack Movie 1989


01. All For Love [Nancy Wilson]
02. Cult of Personality [Living Colour]
03. One Big Rush [Joe Satriani]
04. You Want It [Cheap Trick]
05. Taste the Pain [Red Hot Chili Peppers]
06. In Your Eyes [Peter Gabriel]
07. Stripped [Depeche Mode]
08. Skankin' to the Beat [Fishbone]
09. Within' Your Reach [The Replacements]
10. Keeping The Dream Alive [Munchener Freiheit]

'Eye Of The Tiger' Soundtrack Movie 1986


01. Eye of the Tiger [Survivor]
02. Gravity [James Brown]


'Rocky IV' Soundtrack Movie 1985


01. Burning Heart [Survivor]
02. Hearts On Fire [John Cafferty]
03. Double or Nothing [Kenny Loggins feat. Gladys Knight]
04. Eye of the Tiger [Survivor]
05. War [Vince DiCola]
06. Living in America [James Brown]
07. No Easy Way Out [Robert Tepper]
08. One Way Street [Go West]
09. The Sweetist Victory [Touch]
10. Training Montage [Vince DiCola]


'Teen Wolf' Soundtrack Movie 1985


01. Big Bad Wolf [The Wolf Sisters]
02. Win in the End [Mark Safan]
03. Shootin' for the Moon [Amy Holland]
04. Flesh On Fire [James House]
05. Surfin' USA [Beach Boys]
06. Silhouette [David Palmer]
07. Way To Go [Mark Vieha]
08. Transformation [Miles Goodman]
09. Good News [David Morgan]

'Scarface' Soundtrack Movie 1983


01. Push It to the Limit [Paul Engemann]
02. Rush Rush [Deborah Harry]
03. Turn Out the Light [Amy Holland]
04. Vamos a Bailar [Maria Conchita]
05. Tony's Theme [Giorgio Moroder]
06. She's On Fire [Amy Holland]
07. Shake It Up [Elizabeth Daily]
08. Dance, Dance, Dance [Beth Anderson]
09. I'm Hot Tonight [Elizabeth Daily]
10. Gina's and Elvira's Theme [Giorgio Moroder]


'Once Bitten' Soundtrack Movie 1985


01. Once Bitten [3 Speed]
02. The Picture [Hubert Kah]
03. Face To Face [Real Life]
04. People Living in Shadows [Private Domain]
05. Blue Night Shadow [Two Of Us]
06. Alive or Dead [Gifthorse]
07. Hands Off [Maria Vidal]
08. Stop Talking About Us [3 Speed]
09. You're on my Mind [Kevin McKnelly]
10. Makes Me Crazy [Moses Tyson Jr.]
11. Just One Kiss [Maria Vidal]
12. Once Bitten [main title theme] [John Du Prez]


'Demons' Soundtrack Movie 1985


01. Demon [Claudio Simonetti]  
02. Save Our Love [Motley Crue]
03. White Wedding [Billy Idol]
04. Cruel Demon [Claudio Simonetti]
05. We Close Our Eyes [Go West]
06. Killing [Claudio Simonetti]
07. Threat [Claudio Simonetti]
08. Everybody Up [Saxon]
09. Walking on the Edge [Rick Springfield]
10. Dynamite [Scorpions]
11. Send my Heart [The Adventures]
12. Fast as a Shark [Accept]
13. Out of Time [Claudio Simonetti]
14. The Evil One [Claudio Simonetti]
15. Demon [reprise] [Claudio Simonetti]
16. Night Danger [Pretty Maids]


'Fright Night' Soundtrack Movie 1985


01. Fright Night [The J Geils Band]
02. You Can't Hide from the Beast Inside [Autograph]
03. Good Man in a Bad Time [Ian Hunter]
04. Rock Myself To Sleep [April Wine]
05. Let's Talk [Devo]
06. Armies of the Night [Sparks]
07. King Give It Up [Evelyn Champagne]
08. Save Me Tonight [Great White]
09. Boppin' Tonight [Fabulous Fontaines]
10. Come To Me [Brad Fiedel]
11. Armies of the Night [alternative version] [Sparks]


'A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master' Soundtrack Movie 1988


01. Under the Night Stars [Sea Hags]
02. Standing Over You [The Angels]
03. Don't be Afraid of Your Dreams [Go West]
04. Back to the Wall [Divinyls]
05. My Way or the Highway [Jimmy Davis and The Junction]
06. Love Kills [Vinnie Vincent Invasion]
07. Therapist [Vigil]
08. Rip Her To Shreds [Blondie]
09. Angel [Love/Hate]
10. Resurrection [Craig Safan]
11. Anything Anything I'll Give You [Dramarama]
12. Angel [alternative version] [Love]
13. Fatal Charm [Billy Idol]
14. In the Flesh [Blondie]
15. Are You Ready For Freddy [The Fat Boys]
16. Rebuilding the Big House [Nick Gilder]
17. I Want Your Hands On Me [Sinead O'Connor]
18. Nightmare [Tuesday Knight]

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