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Aos fãs de Hard/AOR como nós, significa conhecimento de tais materiais com o objetivo de ajudar alguém que procura aquela música de tal banda que tanto gostou, sempre no intuito de aperfeiçoar um diferencial maravilhoso em sua mente que é o Hard Rock, Sleaze/Glam, Westcoast/AOR, Pop 80's, Melodic Rock, Hi-Tech, Ítalo-Disco, Soundtrack, etc.
Se você gostou de algum álbum de qualquer banda baixe, mas depois compre, é ótimo ter o álbum original de uma banda que tanto lhe agradou em suas mãos. É com esse pensamento que nós apresentamos este blog.


30 abril 2017

Westcoast/AOR Ballads Vol. 28

This place is Prague, Czech Republic!


01. The Rose [Bonnie Tyler]
02. Back Again [Claudia]
03. Holding On To Love [David Diggs]
04. Stay With Me [Key-Largo]
05. You Can Do It [Dusty Springfield]
06. Love is the Way [Craig Copeland]
07. One Love Too Late [Patty Weaver]
08. I Depend On You [Dean Friedmen]
09. Love, Love, Love [Dick St. Nicklaus]
10. Trouble [Ray LaMontagne]
11. Go for the Heart [Leslie, Kelly & John Ford Coley]
12. Gone With the Wind [Audrey Landers]
13. All my Love [Stephen Crane]
14. You're All That I Need [Craig Ruhnke]
15. What Are You Waiting For [Sally Moore]
16. Falling [LeBlanc & Carr]
17. You Know How To Hurt a Guy [Sandy Contella]
18. This Magic Moment [Richie Furay]
19. Intense Night [Yuki Katsuragi]
20. I Wanna be Loved by You [Michael Gonzales]


Westcoast/AOR Ballads Vol. 27

This place is Suva, Fiji!


01. You're the One [2am]
02. Wake Me Up [Flight 7]
03. Lost Without Your Love [TOP Banana]
04. Josée Josie [Welcome]
05. When Right is Wrong [What If]
06. The One and Lonely [Far Cry]
07. Running Home [Citybeat]
08. Don't Want To Wait Anymore [The Tubes]
09. Don't Waste Your Time [Spider]
10. Hotel California [Eagles]
11. It's Not You It's Not Me [KBC Band]
12. You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling [The Firm]
13. After All [Millions & Millions]
14. Close To Your Heart [Downtown]
15. Fly Like an Eagle [Tokyo]
16. So Far Away [Red Siren]
17. Shot in the Dark [Shot In The Dark]
18. Neverland [Canaan]
19. Sad Thing [Rock Rose]
20. Hold Me Tight [Savvy]


Westcoast/AOR Ballads Vol. 26

This place is Sahara Desert, Morocco!


01. Between the Lines [Caryl Mack]
02. Love Never Comes Easy [Aina]
03. Even Now [Cindy Cruse]
04. Something About You [Robert Murdock]
05. Hungry Night [Debbie Bonham]
06. Someone [El DeBarge]
07. Annie [The Jack Street Band]
08. Shana [Jon Paul Age]
09. Nobody Knows [Eric Russell]
10. Where Did You Go [Scott & Steel]
11. Tonight [Thowsen]
12. The Prodigal I'll be Waiting [Amy Grant]
13. Space [Mike Viola]
14. One To One [Robert Hart]
15. Mary, Mary [Phil Cristian]
16. Lovin' and Losin' You [Dwayne Ford]
17. You & I [Garnett Ford]
18. Somebody Like You [Mark Edwards]
19. All I Ever Needed Was You [Mike Reno]
20. Goodbye my Friend [Karla Bonoff]


26 abril 2017

AOR Dance Vol. 10


01. Dance All Night [Autograph]
02. Wildest Dreams [Saga]
03. I Was Lucky [So What]
04. Running Thru' The Night [Jojo]
05. Take It Time [Eikichi Yazawa]
06. Skeletons in the Closet [Bentwood Rocker]
07. Mony Mony [Billy Idol]
08. We Close Our Eyes [Go West]
09. Angel Don't Cry [Toto]
10. Only Lonely [Bon Jovi]
11. Rockin' Chair [Magnum]
12. Lose You [Cherie]
13. She [White Wolf]
14. Drive Me Crazy [Quade]
15. Someday Somehow [Eric Russell]
16. She Rocked The World [What If]
17. I Need a Love [The Boxx]
18. Stay Forever [Boy Meets Girl]
19. Lake of Fire [Jato]
20. Hold Me Down [Bitter Sweet Alley]


23 abril 2017

Melodic Hard Rock/AOR Ballads Vol. 13


01. Heart and Soul [Zero Zero]
02. Love Prevails [Biloxi]
03. When We Made Love [Bad Company]
04. Anyone in Love [Hugo]
05. You're my Hero [Duke Jupiter]
06. Give my Love [Jato]
07. Take my Heart [Corey Hart]
08. Somewhere Lost in Time [Danny Danzi]
09. So Long [China]
10. Let Your Spirit Soar [David A. Saylor]
11. Samantha [After Hours]
12. I'll Still be Loving You [Restless Heart]
13. I'm on my Way [Steve Thomson]
14. You Have The Touch [Paradise]
15. Never Fall in Love Before [Tradia]


06 abril 2017

Melodic Hard Rock/AOR Ballads Vol. 12


01. This Could be the Night [Garbo Talks]
02. Alone [Washed]
03. I Remember the Night [Only Child]
04. Looking at You [Cobra]
05. Can't Live Without Your Love [Borderline]
06. In the Night [Ramos & Hugo]
07. Wherever You Are [Asia]
08. Heartzone [Dreamstreet]
09. Waiting for a Star to Fall [Boy Meets Girl]
10. Timeless Love [Saraya]
11. Born To Reach [Queen Of Spades]
12. Sentimental Street [Night Ranger]
13. So Long [Jojo]
14. Time is Over [Cherie]
15. You Saved [Arrival]


29 março 2017

'That '70s Show' Soundtrack Series 1999


01. That '70s Song (In the Street) [previously unreleased] [Cheap Trick]
02. I Want You To Want Me [Cheap Trick]
03. Black Betty [Ram Jam]
04. Radar Love [Golden Earring]
05. Funk #49 [James Gang]
06. Hold Your Head Up [Argent]
07. Let It Ride [Bachman Turner Overdrive]
08. Saturday Night Special [Lynyrd Skynyrd]
09. Under my Wheels [Alice Cooper]
10. Cities on Flame With Rock and Roll [Blue Oyster Cult]
11. Hey Baby [Ted Nugent]
12. Rock Candy [Montrose]
13. Celluloid Heroes [The Kinks]
14. The Wall Street Shuffle [10CC]
15. In the Street [previously unreleased] [Todd Griffin]


'Girls Just Want To Have Fun' Soundtrack Movie 1985


01. Come On Shout [Alex Brown]
02. On the Loose [Chris Farren]
03. I Can Fly [Rainey]
04. Dancing in Heaven (Orbital Be Bop) [extended] [Q Feel]
05. Girls Just Want To Have Fun [Galli, Holbrook, Marshall]
06. Dancing in the Streets [Animotion]
07. Too Cruel [Amy Hart]
08. Technique [Rainey]
09. Wake up the Neighborhood [Holland]


'Like Father Like Son' Soundtrack Movie 1987


01. Wild Side [Motley Crue]
02. Somebody Put Something in my Drink [Ramones]
03. She Never Looked That Good For Me [Autograph]
04. It Comes To Me Naturally [The Fabulous Thunderbirds]
05. Everybody Have Fun Tonight [Wang Chung]
06. Dance All Night [Autograph]
07. All in the Name of... [Motley Crue]
08. Dudes (Looks Like a Lady) [Aerosmith]
09. Hard Times in the Land of Plenty [Omar & The Howlers]
10. I Ching [Marc Jordan]


'License To Drive' Soundtrack Movie 1988


01. Drive my Car [Breakfast Club]
02. Sweet Surrender [Brenda K. Starr]
03. I Feel Free [Belinda Carlisle]
04. Time Starts Now [Boys Club]
05. Get Out of my Dreams, Get Into my Car [Billy Ocean]
06. Crucial [New Edition]
07. One More Dance [Jonatlan Butler]
08. Jazzy's in the House [DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince]
09. Touch and Go [Femme Fatale]
10. Make Some Noise [Slave Raider]


'One Crazy Summer' Soundtrack Movie 1986


01. Don't Look Back [Demi Moore]
02. Easy Street [David Lee Roth]
03. Be Chrool To Your Scuel [Twisted Sister feat. Alice Cooper]
04. What Does It Take [Honeymoon Suite]
05. Dirty Dog [ZZ Top]
06. Do It Again [The Beach Boys]
07. Wouldn't It Be Nice [The Beach Boys]
08. Fun Fun Fun [The Beach Boys]
09. Fandango [Herb Alpert]
10. I Go To Rio [Peter Allen]
11. Outta Space [Billy Preston]
12. Would I Lie To You [Eurythmics]
13. Born to be Wild [Steppenwolf]
14. Down on the Corner [Creedence Clearwater Revival]
15. Wipe Out [The Surfaris]
16. In my Room [The Beach Boys]
17. Dancing in the Street [Martha Reeves & The Vandellas]


'Summer School' Soundtrack Movie 1987


01. Happy [Danny Elfman]
02. Mind Over Matter [E.G. Daily]
03. Jackie [Elisa Fiorillo]
04. I'm Supposed To Have Sex With You [Tonio K.]
05. Seduction [E.G. Daily]
06. Brain Power [Paul Engemann]
07. All I Want From You [Tami Show]
08. Second Language [Tone Norum]
09. My Babe [The Fabulous Thunderbirds]
10. Get an Education [Billy Burnette]


'Dudes' Soundtrack Movie 1987


01. Rock'N'Roll Outlaw [Keel]
02. Urban Struggle [The Vandals]
03. Show No Mercy [W.A.S.P.]
04. Vengeance is Mine [Simon Steele and The Claw]
05. These Boots are Made for Walkin' [Megadeth]
06. Time Forgot You [Legal Weapon]
07. Jesus Came Driving Along [The Leather Nun]
08. Mountain Song [Jane's Addiction]
09. Lost Hightway [The Little Kings]
10. Dudes Showdown [Charles Bernstein and Co]

'Vice Versa' Soundtrack Movie 1988


01. Set the Night to Music [Jefferson Starship]
02. Crazy in the Night [Malice]
03. Vice Versa [Malice]


'If Looks Could Kill' Soundtrack Movie 1991


01. If Looks Could Kill (No Turning Back) [Glenn Medeiros]
02. One Hot Country [The Outfield]
03. Loud Guitars, Fast Cars and Wild, Wild Livin' [Contraband]
04. One Mo' Time [Trixter]
05. Better The Devil You Know [Kylie Minogue]
06. Teach Me How To Dream [Robin McAuley]
07. All is Fair [The Fixx]
08. Maybe This Time [The Stabilizers]

'Gladiator' Soundtrack Movie 1992


01. We Will Rock You [Warrant]
02. In the Name of Love [Clivilles and Cole Pride]
03. Hold On Tight [Tony Terry]
04. Gladiator [3rd Bass]
05. Till I Die Oye Como Va [Gerardo Latin]
06. For the Love of Peace [PM Dawn]
07. The Power [Warrant]
08. Count On Me [Martin Page]
09. Da Me La Fama [Latin Science]
10. I Will Survive [Cheap Trick]


'Robocop: The Series Soundtrack' 1994


01. A Future To This Life [Joe Walsh feat. Lita Ford]
02. Guilty of Crime [Joe Walsh feat. Frankie Miller]
03. Fire and Brimstones [Joe Walsh]
04. Chutes and Ladders [Dave Edmunds]
05. Flannel Jacket [E.J. Waters]
06. We Gotta Get You Woman [Todd Rundgren]
07. I Only Have Eyes For You [The Flamingos]
08. Stuff Ya Gotta Watch [The Band]
09. In a Gadda Da Vida [Iron Butterfly]
10. Shake Your Body [KC & The Sunshine Band]
11. Robocop Overture [Delta City Orchestra]


'Encino Man' Soundtrack Movie 1993


01. You're Invited (But Your Can't Come) [Vince Neil]
02. Wild Thing [Cheap Trick]
03. Stone Cold Crazy [Queen]
04. Mama Said Knock You Out [Scatterbrain]
05. Your Turn Me On (Turn On Song) [Crystal Waters]
06. Treaty [Yothu Yindi]
07. Feed the Monkey [Infectious Groves]
08. Wooly Bully [The Smithereens]
09. Frankenstein [Edgar Winter]
10. Young and Dumb [The Scream]
11. Why'd You Want Me [The Jesus and Mary Chain]
12. I'm the Hell Outta Here [Steve Vai]
13. Leave my Curl Alone [Hi-C]
14. Luxury Cruiser [T-Ride]
15. Cool Hand Loc [Tone-Loc]


'The Decline Of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years' Soundtrack Documentary 1988


01. Under my Heels [Alice Cooper feat. Axl Rose]
02. Bathroom Wall [Faster Pussycat]
03. Cradle to the Grave [Motorhead]
04. You Can Run But You Can't Hide [Armored Saint]
05. Born to be Wild [Lizzy Borden]
06. In my Darkest Hour [Megadeth]
07. The Prophecy [Queensryche]
08. The Brave [Metal Church]
09. Foaming at the Mouth [Rigor Mortis]
10. Colleen [Seduce]


18 março 2017

Megumi Hayakawa - Metal Version [EP] (1985)

País: Japão
Estilo: Hard/Heavy
Ano: 1985


Megumi Hayakawa - vocals
Yoshinobu Kojima - keyboards
Toshiya Matsukawa - guitars
Takahiro Matsumoto - guitars
George Azuma - guitars
Masahiko Rokukawa - bass
Wataru Yamada - drums


01. C'Mon and Love Me
02. Gudbuy T'Jane
03. Sons and Lovers
04. I Wanna Rock

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